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Meet the Team...

Matt Tourtillott  

Matt Tourtillott

Matt is our founder extraordinaire. Matt started Marketrends with his wonderful wife whom he affectionately calls Pooh Bear. Together, they have built this business into what it is today. More importantly, they have created the personality of Marketrends...the customer support and the relationships that many of our clients treasure to this day. Matt no longer takes support calls, but many clients still ask about and miss hearing him on the phone. He is the example we'd all be better to be like. Over the years of running Marketrends, Matt has become an expert on many technical fronts and his technical expertise is continually sought by current and past clients. Matt is a great father to four wonderful children.

Barbara Tourtillott, aka: Pooh Bear

Along with Matt, Barbara is the guts of Marketrends. Without her, Marketrends would not be what it is today. From supporting Matt's long late hours, to doing the billing and filing, to doing the menial tasks none of us want to do...Barbara is what makes Marketrends move forward like a well oiled machine. Barbara is the one that dots the i's and crosses the t's and makes sure we're keeping on track. She is a hard working, dedicated, and humble person, and is really good at being the supportive and loving wife and mother that she is. Barbara and Matt are great, loving parents to four wonderful children.

  Barbara Tourtillott
John Strock  

John Strock

John started with Marketrends when he purchased it from Matt and Barbara in August of 2009. Prior to Marketrends, John had been the IT department head and instructor at a technical college. John started programming computers when he was eight years old and started his first technical support company when he was 18. Throughout his professional career John has had various oppurunties to work for small and large companies in various roles and positions, from Network Administrator to Director of IT and Senior Business Systems Analyst. At the end of 2002, John started another technical support company, which he later sold prior to his work teaching. John is a father of seven and enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and family.

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